Saraswati Medical College office of continuing medical educations strives to provide up-to–date clinical and research information in educational formats such that participants are able to improve their knowledge skills, attitudes, behavior and the clinical outcomes for their patients.

The vision of CME is to provide physicians and other health care professional’s exemplary cutting edge educational endeavourer that letter evidence based practices and identify new and emerging health care needs and opportunities from research through delivery of case so that, through educations, we can significantly improve health.

Our program consists of educational activities which serve to maintain, develop, or increase the knowledge, skills, and professional performance and relationships that a physician uses to provide services for patients, the public or the profession. It includes primary care, specialty, and subspecialty topics in the field of medicine. The content of CME is the body of knowledge and skills generally recognized and accepted by the profession as within the basic medical sciences, the discipline of clinical medicine, and the provision of health care to the public.

As a result of these educational activities, we foster the continuing professional development of health care professionals. Our offerings are intended to enhance physician and other health care professionals training in a manner that will positively affect professional knowledge with the goal of improving patient care. CME is committed to reassessing the impact our program and activities have on an ongoing basis through qualitative and quantitative methods to ensure that these goals are met.

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1 19.02.2015 Sensitization Workshop on NTCP & Implementation of DOTS Dr. R.K. Saxena
2 13.03.2015  Sensitization Workshop on Routine Immunization. Dr. Chaturvedi
3 19.02.2016 Memorial Lecture on Blood donation Col (Dr) T.S. Mathur 
4 13.05.2016 Clinical Laboratory Test Their Interpretation,  Errors  and Precaution
5 19.12.2016 Radiological Presentation of Pulmonary Tuberculosis 
6 20.12.2016 How to help healthy happy heart Dr. Arti Lal Chandani
7 21.12.2016 WHO- Workshop on survillence of vaccine preventable  diseases
9 10.01.2017  on Diabetes no it for self and your Patients and Subrecent Developments in Diabetes Managements  Dr. Arti Lal Chandani
10 16.01.2017 Sensitization Workshop on Adolescent Health. Dr. Pyali Bhattacharya
11 20.01.2017 Guest Lecture on History of Public Health. Prof. Ratan Srivastava
12 23.01.2017 DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS OF RED EYE Dr. Akhilesh Shukla
13 06.02.2017  REFRACTORY EPILEPSY Dr. Ashish Srivastava
14 14.02.2017  Women Health Menarche to Menopause. Dr. Nidhi Jauhari
15 07.02.2017 Guest Lecture on Pharmacovigillence  Dr. S.P. Singh
16 21.02.2017 Cancer Detection and Screening. Dr. Sandeep Kumar
17 20.02.2017 Vaccination updates never vaccines Dr. S.P. Singh
18 27.02.2017 GUEST LECTURE on BIOCHEMISTRY Dr. S.P. Singh 
19 28.02.2017 Infertility in Women Dr. Nalini
20 28.02.2017 Meeting of Seminar praposal Dr.Surya Kant
21 06.03.2017 Guest Lecture on Radiational Hazards of Mobile Phones
Prevention and Control 
Prof.Girish Kumar 
22 27.03.2017 Bariatric Surgery Dr. Saurabh Agarwal
23 11.04.2017 Calcium Metabolism Pearls
24 11.04.2017 Sensitization Workshop on Revised Basic Course on Medical
Education Technologies
25 18.04.2017 Behavioral disorder in Children. Dr. Nirupama Mishra
26 10.08.2017  Breast Feeding Dr. Santosh Kumar Singh
27 24.10.2017 "BASIC LIFE SUPPORT" Dr. (Maj) Vishal Arora
28 31.10.2017 Prevention of Hospital Infection Standard Dr. Himanshu Khatri
29 14.11.2017 SEMINAR ON " WELL BABY CLINIC " Dr. S.K. Singh
30 21.11.2017 Glaucoma Dr. Monal Sharma
31 05.12.2017 Autoimmunity & ITS Diagnosis Dr. Rajesh Vais
32 15.01.2018 Screening & Prevention of Cervical Cancer Dr. Archana Mishra
33 28.01.2018 Anti Leprosy Day -
34 28.02.2018 Meeting of Seminar praposal Dr.Surya Kant
35 15.02.2018 Department of Casuality in Clinical Practice  Dr. Sandeep Kumar
36 08.03.2018 Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria  Dr. Rakesh Prasad San
37 26.03.2018 Comunication  Dr. Anand Agrawal
38 16.04.2018 Septic Shock Dr. Shaurya
39 19.04.2018 Sencitization Workshop on Vaccination during Pregnancy & Infancy Dr. Nidhi Johari
Dr. Ajay Kumar
40 14.05.2018 Osteoarthritis of The Kne  Dr. Gopal Tiwari 
41 26.05.2018 Hand Hygiene  Dr. Himanshu Khatri
42 25.05.2018 Parenting Dr. Anand Agrawal
43 02.06.2018 Biomedical Waste  Dr. Himanshu Khatri
44 17.07.2018 Gestational Diabetes Screening  Dr. Manisha 
45 24.07.2018 Nipah Virus Infection  Dr. Apte
46 12.12.2018 Updates on Vitamin C Dr. Mona
47 15.01.2019 Individualized Therapy  Dr.Harendra Kumar
48 22.01.2019 Recent updates on dengue Dr.Farhat Tahira
49 29.01.2019 Beyond Medication  Prof. Anand Agrawal
50 05.02.2019 Menopause  Dr.Akhila
51 12.02.2019 Problem Based Learing (PBL) Dr.Arun Bilodi
52 20.02.2019 Congenital Anomalies Dr. Arun Bilodi
53 27.02.2019 Anaerobic Infections in Clinical Practice Dr. Himanshu Khatri
54 12.03.2019 Urea Cycle and its Clinical Significance Dr. Brahma Reddy
55 08.05.2019 Anomaly Detection Control Committee Prof. Arun Bilodi
56 24.06.2019 Curriculam Implemmention Support Programme All Faculty
57 24.07.2019 Prescription  Audit Dr. Harendra kumar
58 06.08.2019 Word Breastfeeding Week   Dr. S.K. Singh
60 05.02.2020 Otitis Media With Effusion  Dr.Shrath Babu K
61 20.03.2020 Covid-19   Dr.Himanshu Khatri
62 07.11.2020 Medical  Ethics &Anaesthiologists

1. Prof. L.D. Mishra Anaesthesiology

2. Prof. Vishal Arora Anaesthesiology

63 21.11.2020 Communication Skills 

1. Prof. Anand Verma-Medicine

2. Dr.Y.P. Singh AP-ENT

64 05.12.2020 Dental Ethics

1. Dr.Anamika Verma-Dentistry

2. Dr.Pankaj Pathak,AP-Dentistry

65 19.12.2020 Blood donor's ethics

1.Dr.B.S.Sodi ,AP Pathology

2. Dr.Navneet Kumar AP-Pathology

66 02.01.2021 Counseling of patients & attendants

1. Dr.Anubhuti Singh,AP- Psychiatry

2. Dr. Vibha Yadav AP-Pediatrics

67 16.01.2021 Attending to female patients-Ethical issues

1. Dr.Jyotsana Gupta,AP Obst & Gynaec,

2. Dr.Sumit Sachan AP-Pediatrics

68 06.02.2021 Doctors and Industry relations

1. Dr. Amir Alam AP, Pharmacology

2. Dr.Nasim Rizwi SR Ophthalmology

69 21.02.2021 Good Lab practices

1. Dr.Ravi Yadav ,AP-Biochemistry

2. Dr.Sanchit Tiwari, AP-Biochemistry

3. Dr.Areeba Ghayas, Tutor, Biochemistry


06.03.2021 Ethical issues in Disaster Management

1. Dr. Anand Verma Tutor-Comm.Med

2. Dr. Shubhangi Srivastava Tutor -Comm.Med

71          27.09.2021         An Overview on Neglected Tropical Diseases     (Interns & Faculty)                                                                              

1. Dr. .N. N. Thakur - WHO

2. Dr. S. K. Singh SMC Unnao              

3 Dr. Zaidi - PATH

72           19-20 May2022    Chemotherapy (2020 Batch)                                                                                                                                                          

 Prof (Dr.) R. K. Dixit   K. G. M. U. Lucknow

73           14-15 Nov 2022     Endocrine Pharmacology (2020 Batch)                                                                                                                                       

Prof (Dr.) R. K. Dixit   K. G. M. U. Lucknow

74                17-23 Sep 22                        National Pharmacovigilance Week                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Prof  R. K. Dixit, Prof Anil Kumar ,          Dr Rajesh Kumar Manchi

75         30-31 Jan 2023  Introduction to Biochemistry (2022 Batch)                                                                                               

Prof  S. P. Singh